Monday, 5 March 2012

Fingerless mittens with rose seam II

Here comes my favourite pair in this series of mittens based on Heidi Fossnes' book "Håndplagg til bunad og folkedrakter". Originally, this embroidery was sewn onto a pair of grey mottled gloves found on Vaalund farm in Tinn in Telemark. They do not know how old the gloves are, but they believe they are from the turn of the last century.

As I was making fingerless mittens for my film project, I used a pair of white mittens based on a pattern from Ål in Hallingdal as a background for this embroidery. My mittens are knitted using a thin yarn called Dale Baby Ull on needles number 1,5 mm. The embroideries are made in a fine wool thread from Appleton. In comparison with the other pair of fingerless mittens with rose seam, this thread worked very well on these mittens, because the area to fill in the embroideries was much smaller.

In the beginning, I did not notice this pattern in the book, because the embroidery kind of despaired in the mottled background. But when I saw the drawings, I figured that maybe they weren't so dumb after all. I had already finished the number of mittens that I had promised to make, but I had a skein of baby wool lying around, so I thought it might be worth while to give it a try. And I have not regretted this decision for a moment.
This is definitely my favourite pair. In particular, I love the straws curving slightly up towards the index finger. I am also pleased with the colour balance in the embroidery, and the little circle on the thumb, which I attached to give it some colour on the back of the mitten. And I also love the pictures my husband made for me.

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  1. Excellent work again, both knitting a n d embroidery!